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Legionnaires Disease And Evaporative Air-Conditioners

With winter approaching it is time to shut down your evaporative air conditioner to prevent legionnaires disease growing in any  stagnant water, check the condition of those celdeck or aspen pads, as well as replacing cover for winter as per manufacturer recommendation.

Legionella bacteria are found naturally in the environment and thrive in warm water and warm damp places. People usually get Legionnaires' disease by breathing in Legionella bacteria in very fine droplets of water called aerosols.

Man-made water systems sometimes provide environments that let Legionella bacteria increase to large numbers. These man-made systems include showers, spa pools, fountains, and also cooling towers associated with air conditioning and industrial cooling processes.

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Anode Replacement - A Ticking Time Bomb

When was the last time you replaced  the anode in your hot water system? If your hot water system is over three years old replacing the anode will protect the tank from electrolysis and extend the life of the hot water unit. The cost to do this work is minimal. 
The life-expectancy of a steel water heater tank depends on anode rod.

How anode rods work:
When two metals are connected, water reacts with lower noble metal first. Anode rod is made from lower noble metal than steel tank. Water dissolves anode rod instead of rusting water heater.
Once anode rod dissolves, water quickly rusts water heater.

Reasons to replace anode:
Odour: Harmless bacteria reacts with the anode rod to cause a rotten-egg smell.
Maintain water heater payback $5-10 per month
Replace anode rod when inspection shows exposed core is visible at top or bottom, or more than 6" of exposed core along length. 
Rod that is covered with white calcium must be replaced. 

When to inspect: 
Water softener or acidic water <> inspect anode every 1-2 years
No softener <> inspect anode 3-5 years

Lifespan of tank: 
Tank with dual anode rod lasts longer. For example, 6-year tanks have one rod. Generally, 12-year tanks have larger diameter rod or two anode rods.  Both rods are made of same metal to achieve longer life.
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